Known as the filming location for the movie On Golden Pond, Squam Lake is located in a quiet area of the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. It sits south of the White Mountains and northwest of the very popular Lake Winnipesaukee. But it's much more than just a fun summertime destination for me and my family. My great grandfather built a cabin on Squam Lake back in the 1930's. Situated on a beautiful plot of land in the small town of Sandwich, the cabin served (and continues to serve) as a familial meeting place. The cabin or "camp" has since been passed down to my great grandfather's children and their children. Therefore, for the past 90 years, my family has grown up on Squam Lake.

We were lucky to be able to spend 2 full weeks at camp this year. One of the bright sides of quarantine amid COVID is essentially being forced to slow down and really appreciate everything around you. At camp, there is no access to Wifi or cable. So we wake up early and go for runs, read books, play boardgames, attempt to complete 2,000 piece puzzles, go on scenic walks and hikes, jump in the lake at minimum 3 times a day, and sit out on the porch to watch the sunset. My camera was constantly out and at the ready! Hoping to head back to Squam sometime in the fall. But until then, looking back at these photos of this beautiful place that is so special to me.

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