Grape Bay in the Paget Parish of Bermuda is a hidden gem and a family favorite. It features a long sandy beach with shallow, clear water. So clear in fact, that you can watch groups of parrotfish feeding on coral. The beach itself is rarely crowded, as it is limited to locals or guests staying at surrounding resorts. The Grape Bay Cottages have been my family's "hotel/resort" of choice in Bermuda for the last 10 years. There are two cottages, one called Beach Crest and the other Beach Home. Beach Crest is often referred to as the upper cottage and Beach Home as the lower cottage. Both have covered porches, lawns, patios and a private pathway down to Grape Bay Beach. The privacy and proximity to such a private, quiet beach is our favorite part of staying at the cottages. And for convenience sake, a grocery store & bus stop are both within walking distance. The surrounding area of the Paget Parish is also extremely beautiful and overall has a very residential feel. With views of colorful houses, palm trees around every corner, and hibiscus bushes lining the streets. 

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