i'm katie, but my friends call me kb.

i'm a massachusetts based photographer specializing in travel, landscape, & lifestyle content.

growing up in new england, i developed a deep appreciation for living only a short drive from the coast (as well as the mountains). there's nothing i love more than exploring new places!

photography has always been a creative outlet for me. i picked up my first "real" camera in high school, where i took darkroom & digital photography classes. i took photos of e v e r y t h i n g (& still do tbh!). i'm known as the one who's always lagging behind the group because i just had to get the shot from every possible angle!

photography is my favorite way to re-discover the beauty in nature, connect with my surroundings, collaborate & learn from like-minded creatives, and capture priceless memories. 

i'm constantly inspired by » fresh ocean air, vintage cars, minimalism, hydrangeas, cloudy sunsets, nautical details, al fresco dinners, time spent in the garden, shingled houses, authentic connections, long neighborhood walks, & pastel tones.


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thank you for being here! for a more up-to-date gallery of my work, check out my instagram @simplymekb.

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